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SHRUNK was written by a guy called MicroSteven, not by me.  I am uploading it here as a favor to several people who want to read it.  If you are the author of this and object to having it uploaded here, please let me know and I will remove it at once.

   You could tell by the way Joe was walking down the street that he was in a bad mood.  He was out for a walk in his neighborhood, trying to relax.  He crossed the street about three blocks from his house and turned the corner. Suddenly, two boys on skateboards came tearing around the corner from the opposite direction. Joe narrowly missed getting smashed by both of them by mere inches. He jumped back, startled, then began yelling at the pair of 13 year olds.
     "Watch where the hell you're going!" he shouted.
"Damn! Sorry, Mister!!" said Andrew, a blond youth about five feet tall with mischievous blue eyes.
      "Man! Thank God we missed you!" said TJ, who was slightly taller than Andrew, with darker hair and eyes.
      "You little bastards shouldn't be cutting across the corner like that!" Joe complained.

      "We're really sorry about that, Mister", Andrew said, "But we do it all the time and we never had a problem before."
       "So true", agreed TJ.
       "Are you trying to be a smartass?!", snapped Joe. "Where do you two live? I wonder if your parents know they have out of control brats for sons?!"
"Oh no," thought Andrew, "Just what my dad needs... another excuse to punish me." Andrew was getting pissed---after all, he had apologized and no harm had been done.   He didn't want to get punished for something he didn't do!
     "You kids could have broken my leg or crushed my toes with those boards!", Joe said.  Now both Andrew and TJ were getting nervous… and pissed. Couldn't this guy just drop it? What was his problem?
     "Well?", Joe demanded nastily.
     "Well, what?", Andrew countered, really ticked off at Joe's continued nastiness.
     Joe was fuming, and looked as if he was going to grab Andrew. All of  a sudden Andrew raised his right arm and pointed directly at Joe.
     "Don't touch me, man!", warned Andrew.
     "Why you little...", was as far as Joe got as he stepped towards the boys.
      The next thing Joe knew, he was looking up in shock at a pair of giant boys, each with one Airwalk clad foot on a skateboard.  "This can't be happening!", Joe said to himself.  Andrew and TJ exchanged brief glances... and then grinned slyly.
      "Well, I haven't had to do THAT for awhile!", Andrew said.
      "Yeah, I know.",  TJ agreed.
       Looking around, Joe realized that the boys weren't giants, but that HE had somehow shrunk to about an inch or so tall.  An ant crawled past… it was as big as his shoe. Joe  screamed…like a fool!           
       "Oh shut up!", Andrew sneered. "You don't need to worry about getting your toes crushed by our skateboards anymore. Does he, TJ?"
       "Nope!", TJ replied, grinning slightly.
       "Thank God!", Joe thought to himself. He couldn't understand what had happened.
"Don't worry...", began Andrew, "I wouldn't dream of crushing your toes with my skateboard....but I WILL crush your whole BODY! And I wouldn't do THAT with anything but my SMELLY BARE FOOT!!!
                 Both Andrew and TJ started to crack up at this.

     "This CAN'T be happening..", Joe muttered to himself. TJ looked at Andrew and              both  boys slipped one foot each out of their HUGE Airwalks. Neither of them was wearing socks on this hot summer day.  "We really hope you like big smelly feet, Mister!", Andrew said.
     "Yeah!", continued TJ, "REALLY smelly! hehehehe!!" Then he looked over  at Andrew and asked "Can I go first?"
                 "Sure" Andrew said, "But DON'T smoosh him just yet!"
      Joe was horrified. He KNEW he was in trouble. TJ looked down at Joe's tiny body, and lifted lifted his massive sweaty bare right foot and using his toes, began to touch  Joe.  The smell was unbelievable!!! TJ's foot smelled like it hadn't been washed in a week...but it had actually been only four days.
     "Smell my foot, bitch!!", TJ sneered down at Joe.
     "DO IT!", demanded Andrew, "or I'll squash you myself RIGHT NOW!!"
      TJ lowered his gigantic stinky foot onto Joe's helpless little body.
      "SMELL", TJ said slowly. He spread his toes and wiggled them all over Joe, who couldn't help but breath in the foot fumes of the giant boy.

      "I think I'll smoosh you into my toe jam!", TJ said. Joe was freaking out, completely helpless and at the mercy of these two giant boys he had been threatening just a few moments before.  Andrew watched his friend intently, staring at his hot smelly foot, which TJ further lowered, pinning Joe beneath. Joe's head was in the gap between TJ's two biggest toes.
      TJ sneered down at Joe, savoring the power he had over him. "I could crush you like a bug, and it wouldn't make one bit of difference to me, bitch!", TJ said.
     "Before we MAKE you into toe jam," Andrew said, "I want you to bury your face between each of my friend's toes and eat up all the crud that's in there!"
     Joe hesitated. TJ spoke, "DO IT, BITCH!! Eat my disgusting TOE CHEESE!!" He wiggled his toes once again all over Joe's miniscule body.
     TJ giggled, "This ROCKS!!!"
     "YUP!", Andrew replied.

      Joe slowly began to fill his mouth with the sweat, dirt and dead  skin trapped between TJ's massive smelly toes. Joe was completely humiliated. Both boys chuckled in delight. TJ shifted his huge foot, trapping Joe beneath the sole. "Lick the
filthy bottom of my foot!", TJ ordered.
       Joe didn't move.
      "DO IT!", Andrew demanded. Still, Joe did nothing.
       TJ spoke, "Listen, BITCH, we KNOW where your house is! We can go
right up to it and do the same exact thing to your wife and kids!"
       Joe knew they were serious. He began to lick the giant's sole, tasting salt and the stench of gigantic skater sneakers. TJ grinned, enjoying the feeling of a tiny man licking and worshipping his stinky foot.
      "Don't squish him", Andrew warned TJ, "He's  MINE!"
       Joe was paralyzed with fear. TJ removed his monstrous bare foot from Joe's prone body and Andrew stepped towards the shrunken man. "You are going to DIE under my friend's SMELLY FOOT!!", TJ laughed.

      Joe looked up into the blond boy's eyes and he KNEW he would not survive this.
     "Look at my huge sweaty foot!", Andrew ordered. "It's horribly smelly and the lowest part of my body...but YOU are even lower!"
      He raised his mammoth bare foot and held it a couple of inches above Joe.
      "Look at it!", Andrew continued, "Sniff it. Kiss it. This is what is going to end your life. Think about are going to die under my FILTHY FOOT! Everything you have done in your lifetime has led up to this moment...just so you could be stepped out of existance by my giant foot. You are too pathetic for us to allow you to live on the same planet as two Gods like me and TJ!"
       Joe couldn't move.
       "I like what you were saying before, TJ", Andrew said, "I think  tomorrow we'll go to his house and shrink his wife and kids. They're brats anyway!"
        "KEWL!!", TJ replied, looking down at Joe, "I can't WAIT to feel your kids turn to mush under my heel!"
        Both boys giggled.

        Andrew began to lower his bare foot onto Joe.
        Andrew spoke, "This foot is going to squish all your loved ones,  too! HA HA HA HA!!!! How do you like THAT?! You like being under my big foot, BITCH?!" Joe felt as insignificant as an insect that had gotten in Andrew's way...and basically, that's all he was now.
       "You know what? My little brother HATES your son!", Andrew mused. "I think I'll give your boy to him to play with! My brother LOVES to kill things! HAHAHAHA! Your son is going to die under a ten year old boy's SMELLY FOOT!! THAT is the FUNNIEST!!!" Joe was too numb to respond.
       "I'm gonna splootch your body under my foot and grind you into goo!", Andrew threatened. "Then I'm gonna get you all mooshed up between my toes and walk around with you in my shoe! You like that?!"

       "You are nothing!", Andrew went on. "You threaten us with going to our parents because we almost hit you on our skateboards?! HA! I guess we showed YOU! You are so PATHETIC! You were born just so I could feel you squish under my foot!"
      TJ watched intently, loving every minute of the fun.
      "Now bitch...DIE!!!!", yelled Andrew as he pinned Joe's body under the ball of his still sweaty foot. He began to apply pressure and laughed when he felt Joe's ribcage give way suddenly. Andrew ground his bare foot back and forth slowly, grinding the life out of Joe.
       "Die under my foot", Andrew whispered. He could see Joe's face between his toes. He spit a huge glob of saliva into Joe's face. Then he shifted  his foot, and pinned Joe's spit-covered face under his big toe, applying just enough pressure to pop Joe's head like a grape.

Andrew stared down at his toes and watched as his foot slowly and methodically turned Joe into paste. TJ came over, and they each removed their other shoe, and then began smooshing and wiggling their toes in Joe's pulpy remains. They went on doing this for a couple of minutes, relishing their might and power...knowing they could do this to anyone, anytime. All that was left of Joe was a few stains on the white concrete sidewalk, and some mush on the bottoms of the boys' feet. Some bits of Joe ended up ground into the rancid insoles of the boys' shoes. What a pathetic way to end up!
       Thinking about their plans for Joe's family, TJ said, "MAN! I can't WAIT for tomorrow!!"
      "Neither can I!"

- Now read part 2 -
Skater boys shrink a man and torment him with their feet.
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mmantight Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Loved it! Wish that was me
jgp148 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
Love this story, makes me wish that was me, being tormented by two young boys and their smelly,rank feet
Nemper Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it's a complete and total humiliation and he has no chance, absolutely no chance. It's a cool story.
microsteven Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
Wow. This is a blast from the past!
Nemper Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes,indeed it is. Some things just linger, like this story. It's a good one.
iscastanon Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for upload it
Nemper Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
See, I did find it. You and Airwalker both wanted to see it. I knew I had to find it before you started stepping on me impatiently!! And it really is a cool story too.
iscastanon Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol... yes it is.. :3 and.. tahnks heavens you find it xD so airwalker and i should'nt step on you for this xD
Airwalker68 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
ha ha i remrber this story and the end >awesome
Nemper Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It IS awesome.
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